GeoMedia WebMap Publisher Help: Map View

The main map display is in the center of the page. A 3rd party plugin may be required to view the map if your website is displaying maps in vector format. The Publisher website can display the map in several formats: If you are viewing an SVG map, you can use the Adobe SVG viewer's built in zoom and pan functions to control the map. After you perform a local zoom or pan in the SVG viewer, the map will be refreshed from the server with the new map range. This functionality can be turned on or off using the Options command. The following commands are available in the Adobe SVG Viewer: The Flash map viewer offers functionality similar to the SVG zoom/pan through its context menu. Right click on the map to view the context menu then choose one of the map view commands. After the local zoom/pan has completed the map will be updated from the server. If you are viewing the map in vector format, the map view plugin may provide a context menu that can be accessed by right-clicking on the map. The contents of the context menu will be different for each viewer type, but they share some common map view functions such as zooming and panning. Note that these commands work on the currently displayed map without refreshing data from the server. Depending on how your Publisher website is configured, you may or may not see the blue arrow button beside the scale bar, as pictured above. This button may be on the left or right edge of the map, or it may not be present at all. Clicking the button hides whatever is to the right or left of the map (this may be the sidebar or the legend), expanding the map to take up the space. Clicking the button again will redisplay the hidden section and collapse the map back to its normal size. The scale bar is dynamically updated as the map scale changes. The example image above shows a 800km scale bar. The current scale is also displayed to the right of the scale bar. You can quickly change the scale of the map by entering a new scale in the text field and pressing Enter. You can also change the units that the scale bar distance is displayed in using the Options command. Note: The scale details may not be shown correctly if the screen size is not set to your monitor size. See the Options command in the Toolbar help section for more information. Source.

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