Geospatial Information & Services Maritime Navigation Handbook

for the digitally perplexed,the cartographically disoriented,and the geospatially disadvantaged,custom tailored for self-resuscitationin the privacy of your own stateroom or berthing area The least understood part of navigation systems is GI&S! A navigation system w/o GI&S is like a ship without power dead in the water. GI&S is a vital part of the evolving national spatial data infrastructure. GI&S is brought to you by The Oceanographer of the Navy. NIMA provides standard GI&S to DoD. Global geospatial information promises unprecedented interoperability. GI&S will be DoD's worldwide spatial reference base for interoperability. Using NIMA data is required but it is also a good idea! Not using standard NIMA data will cost BIG $$. DoD says go Commercial! But beware of what data you are buying! Developmental and operational GI&S requirements are different. Identifying GI&S requirements early ensures GI&S data in the Fleet. Don't keep your Area requirements a secret! Digital data structures constrain systems development. Raster is faster but vector is smarter. Raster What you see is what you get. Vector- like a word file manipulable Running Aground Can Ruin your Day Vector can help prevent this! TM and ® ensures you do not get copycat data. DNC does not refer to a National Political Committee. High seas in a shoebox. TOD is 20,000 Leagues Underneath the Sea. Soon the computer will correct your charts! Coastlines and Political Boundaries and Maritime Boundaries, OH MY! ECDIS-N, a Revolution on the Bridge. Paper to digital charts, culturally like going from sails to steam! NIMA provides GI&S software for display & fusion, but little analytical software. FUND is not a BUDGET Term! NIMA provides NAVINFONET to the Navy. The Keys to success: datums, reference systems, transformations, accuracies, and GPS. Plot Where you are vs. Where you were! A new way to Navigate. Datums why are they so important? WGS 84 is the standard DoD position reference system. Practice safe navigation. JUST DO IT! Same Island can have 2 addresses Just Ask CNN! Abandon Ship GPS says I've submerged! Charts are No Longer Accurate. NOT TRUE! Digital Data is no better than the source data! What happened to the Compass Rose? Oh Starry Night. Coordinate conversion can be tricky. Bowditch Navigates the Web. Go to Supply to Order My Charts? It takes acquired skills to order NIMA products. DMS is a source of GI&S Training. Circumnavigate with DNC But not into all Ports yet. ECDIS-N Policy Letter. Geospatial Information. NIMA The Role Of CNO (N096) Interoperability NIMA Data is the standard GI&S Data standard data compared with commercial data Where to find it Databases A Revolution is about to take place on the Bridge Change Means New Terminology NIMA Software NAVINFONET Where to find it What Is GPS? Differential GPS A New Way To Navigate DATUM Datum Transformation The Shape Of Our Earth Understanding chart accuracy counts Digital Data Magnetic Information Celestial Navigation MGRS Where to find it Defense Mapping School Mission of dms Organization of DMS Resident Training Mobile Training Teams Where to find it Appendix A: DNC's Availability chart Appendix B: ECDIS-N Policy Letter Appendix C: Those Inevitable Acronyms Source.

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