Getting started with LDS | Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)

RegisterStep by step video for beginnersBrowse or search our dataExplore our dataCreate and customise a mapGet your dataUse and share data Vector data relates to position and has one or more coordinates. There are three kinds of vector data : To view the attribute data, click inside a polygon or on a point or line on the map. The data of the feature appears in a new window. To create your own map view, add datasets to the map of New Zealand in the right-hand panel of the screen e.g. add a roads dataset to a property titles dataset for the particular area you want to see. Cropping reduces the size of your download by limiting the data to the selected area. The smaller set of datasets is quicker to download and share. To cancel the box crop, click on the ‘Crop’ button again or the ‘Redrawn’ crop link in the crop window. Note: The crop you see marked on the screen is a simplified display. The file you download will be cropped to the exact area – full geometry – of the region. You can only download data up to a size of 3.5GB, due to zip file limitations. If your file is larger, you need: In the new window showing format and projection you have a choice of download formats. These are our recommendations. Step 4: Choose a projectionProjections are tools that adjust data to account for the distortions that occur when translating from a curved surface – the globe – to a flat perspective – a map. Step 5: Activate the downloadClick the ‘Accept terms and create download’ button. LDS will begin creating your download file. This file will be a zip file containing: Courier delivery serviceKoordinates Ltd manages all aspects of the courier delivery service on our behalf.Visit Koordinates’ support website for further information and contact details We provide most LDS datasets under a New Zealand Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (BY) license. This means you The personal datasets, e.g. datasets that provide information on the owner of a property title, have a customised licence. Once you accept the customized licence, you can access the personal data. Source.

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