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On Fri, 24 Jan 2003 02:13, Carlos Henrique Grohmann de Carvalho wrote: >, I was thinking, why there isn't a command similar to s.windavg to >, raster maps? It coulsd be even better, if there were more than just >, average, but sum, and maybe more. >, >, I'm saying that because s.windavg does what I need, but calculations >, with sites (and vectors) are VERY time-consuming, and if we could do >, the same operation with raster, lot of time would be saved. Have a look at s.cellstat, , its a combination of s.univar and s.windavg with very acceptable performance. -a s.cellstat Should do everything you want. I'm not sure of the current status of s.cellstat. It was written by Eric Miller back in September. He was going to add it to the source tree, but I don't know if he has or what version. Regards Gordon -- Gordon Keith Programmer/Data Analyst Marine Acoustics CSIRO Marine Research He has shown you, O man, what is good, And what does the Lord require of you, but to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God? -- Micah 6:8 Dr Rob Hosfield wrote: >, is there a simple way to turn the background colour to white for a d.3d >, display? d.erase white d.3d ... Or did you mean something else? -- Glynn Clements <,glynn.clements@xxxxxxxxxx>, Have a nice day, I am creating interpolations from sites informations using both (IDW, spline) methods and I realized that color tables of resulting raster maps differ (IDW is more like blue, spline looks more like brown). Is there any way to change it? Thanks Jan Kohout --------------------------------------------------------------------- HoK Honza Kohout student Fakulty Informatiky MU clen 137. NRS Klubu Bludny koren honza@xxxxxxxx klub@xxxxxxxx Hope you can help I have been experiencing difficulties trying to import TIFF files. I use GRASS version 5 and have tried using both and The TIFF files were generated in Freehand 9.0 (and since it didn't work) then in Adobe Photo Deluxe - the error message indicated they were unsupported files. (I have tried 8-bit and 24-bit - neither worked.) I have had success in importing other TIFF files generated from scanned documents and in importing geoTIFF files. One other note - while the TIFF files were generated in Freehand/Adobe - the files were originally Autocad version9 files. Thanks Linda Source.

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