GIS JOBS – Shan Allen’s GIS Resume

ArcGIS 9.x, ArcMap, ArcSDE, ArcInfo, AutoCAD, OrthoMosaic, Handy ImageMapper, GIF Animator, Macromedia Fireworks, Flash, Freehand, Electronic Field Study Worked on a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) contract dealing with flood plain mapping. This project involved converting Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) to a digital format (DFIRMs). The DFIRMs show the spatial extent of Special Flood Hazard Areas in relation to other thematic features for flood-risk assessment. The anticipated benefits of this digital mapping program are to shorten production time and decrease costs associated with the necessary revision of Flood Insurance Maps in the future. * Applied knowledge of GIS to the Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRM) flood plain mapping using FEMA’s Map Modernization DFIRM specifications. * QA/QC services included reviews of contractor engineering work to ensure that the analyses and maps met FEMA guidelines. Part of a team that worked on a geospatial project involving the District of Columbia. This contract involved the use of locational information on tax and record lots from all D.C. buildings. The objective of the project was to store the geospatial components and attribute tables into a secure Oracle geodatabase, which was served through an ArcSDE interface. * Performed QA/QC of ArcSDE data layers prior to loading them into an Oracle geodatabase to ensure data integrity. All data edits were conducted using ArcGIS 8.x spatial extensions. * Activities included using various GIS techniques in areas such as data manipulation, data storage, data retrieval, and display involving vector and raster data. * Knowledge of multiple geospatial data layers were required to perform QA/QC analysis, including satellite imagery and aerial photography. * Many input maps were in hardcopy format and dated back to the early 1700’s. This required an extensive skill set in cartographic principles and map interpretation. Source.

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