Standalone programs are written in Visual Basic and most of the times require special libraries to run. This libraries are not part of the Windows operation system. You can donwload libraries here. Libraries, once loaded, do not require update. Windows XP has already some libraries, you don't need to overwrite them. Uncompress and put all files from the compressed file to WindowsSystem32 folder (WinXP) or WindowsSystem (Win98). Convert different ground control points formats. Following formats are supported: TIC, RSF, GGT, POLY, LND, ESRI world file, TAB, MET, L1G, HDR Batch reprojecting of Landsat and ASTER previews, as well as other rasters using transformation engine of Geographic Transformer. Supported projections: Albers Equal-area Conic (Europe, Siberia, FarEast), LatLong, Lambert Conformal Conic, Gauss-Krueger (more rus ) Collection of instruments : -select all themes in TOC -move theme to the beginning of TOC -move theme to the end of TOC -create shp-каталог for images -startstop editing -create backup copy and continue editing -add hotlink other functions Copying and deleting themes from TOC and physically from the dist, deletion works both for vectors and rasters (except Image Analisys datasets) (more) Modified view-tiling extension, which creates series of layouts. Works with both projected and unprojected views. Пакетный импорт/экспорт и обработка данных GRID: установка NODATA коррекция неправильных значений переименование обрезка и другое (more) Пакетный (batch) импорт данных ASTER уровня обработки L1A в TIFF. Данные должны иметь расширение *.hdf. Импортируются только VNIR каналы. Импорт данных ASTER уровня обработки L1A в формат TIFF, с проведением радиометрической коррекции. Данные должны иметь расширение *.hdf. Импортируются и корректируются только VNIR каналы. Обработка по-файловая, не пакетная (Описание) © GIS-Lab and authors, 2002-2015. Attribution to GIS-Lab and authors is required. The responsibility for the content of this article rests with the author (more). Source.

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