GIS Midterm – Environmental Sciences 3020 with Porter at University of Virginia – StudyBlue

Obtained by projecting the markings of a center-lit globe onto a cone wrapped tangent to, or intersecting, a portion of the globe. •805 km north in Alexandria at the same date and time, a vertical post cast a shadow, defining an angle which was about 1/50th of a circle Specify which type of map projection you would choose for each country, assuming you could use only one map projection for the entire country, the projection lines of intersection would be optimally-placed, and you wanted to minimize overall spatial distance distortion for the country. Choose from a transverse Mercator, a Lambert conformal conic, or an Azimuthal: Used google maps to plan a trip to go apple picking. Data collection consisted of a search with the keywords apple picking and charlottesville, virginia. The analysis consisted of reviews of the different orchards and location relative to local breweries. Communication involved sending a map and directions to friends. Because of the large volumes of spatial data and the need to input coordinate values, GIS hardware often have large storage capacities, fast computing speed, and ability to capture coordinates. What are limitations of using GIS? Under what conditions might the technology hinder problem solving, rather than help? The real world is represented in successively more machine-compatible but humanly obscure forms. Have to have multiple levels in order to translate human language to computer language. Source.

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