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This page includes internet resources where data (including both vector mapping data and raster remote sensing data) can be obtained for inclusion in a Geographical Information System (GIS) or use with image processing software. The list concentrates on sites which allow free download of data (including sites where the University has a subscription e.g. Digimap). If data for a particular country is required, it may also be worth checking out the national survey organisation as they may have data available for purchase. You could also do a Google search for '[country name] free GIS'. The University recommends using the industry standard ArcGIS Desktop, for which we have a licence. Further information about ArcGIS 10 is available through the IT Software table. However, there are also various OpenSource or free options which may be a better option depending on your needs. OpenSource software is defined as free to download, use and develop. Code or raw data is available to update or develop. If you want to create your own interactive map for a website and don't need the data analysis capabilities of a full GIS, there are a number of web mapping options - the three at the bottom of the list are examples of this. This section is based on Tom Armitage's presentation 'Open and 'Free' geo software & data', at EDINA Geoforum 2013. Source.

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