GIS Tutorial: Image Analysis and Image Classification Techniques in ArcGIS 10

ArcGIS 10 is a complete software for spatial data processing both raster and vector data. For processing raster data, ArcGIS can perform image analysis and classification of satellite imagery as well as remote sensing software. Here is a tutorial how to do GIS analysis and image classification techniques of satellite imagery using ArcGIS 10. GIS This tutorial will show you how to do the georeferencing, image interpretation and image classification in ArcGIS Desktop 10. Georeferencing way will be demonstrated using the help of Google Maps for the determination of GCP. While for satellite image interpretation and image classification (supervised and unsupervised) using Landsat 5 satellite imagery. Landsat data can be downloaded for free via the following link: The tutorial is made by Ranade and Ayse Irmak Pari of the University of Texas, Austin. Sample data used in this exercise can be downloaded via To work through the ArcGIS Desktop tutorials, you need to install the tutorial data from the ArcGIS Desktop Tutorial Data setup, which i... Arc2Google is an additional extension for ArcGIS-ArcMap made by Hussein Nasser which allows ArcMap users to view Google Earth / Google Map... Archydro is an ArcGIS extension that designed to applicated in hydrology purposes. And it can be downloaded via ftp at: ftp://ftp.esr... Here it is, a set of links to a collection of ArcGIS 10 Desktop applications tutorials. To work in, you must install the tutorial data fro... This tutorial will show you how to perform synchronization between ArcMap with Google Earth. To be able to follow this tutorial, make sure ... Source.

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