Five possible runway sites have been proposed within 4 km of Davis on the northwestern part of Broad Peninsula, Vestfold Hills. Most are on on thin, young sedimentary sequences on low level flat areas, although two are dominantly on Precambrian basement, one of which is at low elevation. Permafrost level in the area is normally within 100+/- 20-30 cm of the surface and appears to vary depending on location and proximity to water masses. The report uses as much information as can be assembled from earlier dispersed reports and adds detailed grain size data from eight sites cored during the 1993-94 summer. Stratigraphy of the sediment sections is not well understood and is best documented in the Heidemann Valley. Maximum sediment thickness known is about 4 m. All sediments appear to be younger than one million years and probably are much younger. 2 AutoCAD drawing file data digitised in November 1996 from original survey plans of the possible runway sites survey undertaken in February 1984 by the Australian Survey Office. The maps were produced by AUSLIG (Australian Survey and Land Information Group) using the digitised survey data and are included in the publication. The maps in the publication (see pdf download) suggest the data are stored in a UTM zone 44 projection based on a WGS72 horizontal datum. This record has been created by staff at the Australian Antarctic Data Centre, and not the listed personnel, and therefore its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. A PDF copy of the referenced paper, the digitised survey data and the maps created using the digitised survey data are available for download from the URLs given below. Quilty, P.G. and Franklin D. (1997), Geology of possible runway sites in the Davis region, Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica., Source.

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