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A high quality graphics rendering engine that MapServer 5.0+ can use. It supports sub-pixel anti-aliasing, as well as many more features. EPSG codes are numeric codes associated with coordinate system definitions. For instance, EPSG:4326 is geographic WGS84, and EPSG:32611 is “UTM zone 11 North, WGS84”. The WMS protocol uses EPSG codes to describe coordinate systems. EPSG codes are published by the is a graphics library for dynamic generation of images. It was the first graphics renderer that was available for MapServer, and it is required by MapServer to operate. GDAL (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library) is a multi-format raster reading and writing library. It is used as the primary mechanism for reading raster data in MapServer. It is hosted at . It is used for geometric algebra operations like determining if a polygon is contained in another polygon or determining the resultant intersection of two or more polygons. MapServer optionally uses GEOS for geometric algebra operations. is the declarative language that MapServer uses to define data connections, map styling, templating, and server directives. Its format is xml-like and hierarchical, with closing is a library for projecting map data. It is used by MapServer and GDAL and a multitude of other Open Source GIS libraries. A map projection is a mathematical transformation of the surface of a sphere (3D) onto a 2D plane. Due to the laws of the universe, each type of projection must make tradeoffs on how and what features it distorts. A raster is a rectangular grid of pixels. Essentially an image. Rasters are supported in MapServer with a layer type of RASTER, and a variety of formats are supported including GeoTIFF, JPEG, and PNG. Shapefiles are simple GIS vector files containing points, lines or areas. The format was designed and published by ESRI and is widely supported in the GIS world. It is effectively the native and highest performance format for MapServer. data coverage. MapServer can use a tileindex to render a directory of raster data. The tileindex allows MapServer to only read the data that intersects the requested map extent, rather than reading all of the data. Source.

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