The appearance of the error bars is controlled by the current value of set bars and by the optional <,linewidth>, specification. To generate the figure above, the same input image was placed multiple times, each with a specified dx, dy, and origin. The input PNG image of a building is 50x128 pixels. The tall building was drawn by mapping this using dx=0.5 dy=1.5. The short building used a mapping dx=0.5 dy=0.35. Or the file type will be recognized automatically from the extension if you have previously requested Please refer to the ggi documentation for other modes. The 'mode' keyword is optional. It is recommended to select the target by environment variables as explained in the libggi manual page. To get DGA on X, you should for example The driver first queries the X-server for a font of the exact name given. If this query fails, then it tries to interpret <,fontspec>, as '<,font>,,<,size>,,<,slant>,,<,weight>,' and to construct a full X11 font name of the form So set term x11 font 'arial,15,italic' will be translated to -*-arial-*-i-*-*-15-*-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1 (assuming default encoding). The <,size>,, <,slant>,, and <,weight>, specifications are all optional. If you do not specify <,slant>, or <,weight>, then you will get whatever font variant the font server offers first. You may set a default enconding via the corresponding X11 resource. E.g. XHTML: You can use these tags: <,a href= title=>, <,abbr title=>, <,acronym title=>, <,b>, <,blockquote cite=>, <,cite>, <,code>, <,del datetime=>, <,em>, <,i>, <,q cite=>, <,s>, <,strike>, <,strong>, Source.

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