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Copyright © 2016 Golden Software, LLC. All rights reserved. The names and logos for Surfer, Grapher, Voxler, MapViewer, Didger, Strater and Golden Software are registered trademarks of Golden Software, LLC. Question 2: I have two spline areas with different colors that overlap at their edges. How can I create the overlap area color to be a blend of the two spline area colors and have the map boundaries show through as well? to modify it, but this is a point-by-point technique. There are no special ways to reshape an object created with the spline area tool. Once it is created, it is just an area object like any other. If the areas have a solid fill, then where they overlap you will only see the one on top. If you use a stock or vector pattern fill, you can turn off the background color and see through the one on top to the one underneath. The overlapping area will appear different than the non-overlapping areas. There is no blending or partial transparency feature in MapViewer. option. This would give you a new area object that represents the overlap. You can fill it with a different color or pattern. I have finished my maps and saved them both within the {samples} file of MapViewer5 as well as to my 'D' drive. Now I want to insert them into the text of my manuscript,which is in Word Perfect Corel. I saved them to my D drive as both [.gsm] and [.wpg], but neither one will open up insertted into the text. How do I properly save and then insert them so they appear in my manuscript file? command in MapViewer will save your map document as a .gsm file. This is MapViewer's native format. Other programs, such as Corel, will not be able to read this format - it's just for use within MapViewer. to export the map to a format that the other program can read. I don't use Corel, so I can't tell you exactly what formats it knows, but some likely choices to try are: Source.

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