Among our standard services is also DTP (Desktop Publishing), which means that we provide complex graphical processing of translated documents. You can order this service to translation or you can use it separately, only for graphic processing of documents, i.e. without translation of texts. Upon request, we create individual graphic design with emphasis on maintenance of typography and graphic authenticity. Or we can design new, original graphics and advise you on stylization of your printed materials’ wording. We work with data you send or bring over, we read various data storages such as CD, DVD, USB DISK, CF, MS, SD, IDE DISK, S-ATA DISK, ZIP and some older medias, e.g. FDD 1,44MB. The completed order is handed over on agreed data storage, sent via fax or e-mail or courier, in the case of large data volume, we will also provide labels for CDs or you will be able to download them from virtual storage (we will provide the information). We have launched our new Web pages with several innovative functions. Now you will be able to take advantage of interesting discounts every month. Are you seeking a quotation for a translation or interpreting? No problem, contact us, we shall be pleased to elaborate an offer as well as a quotation free of charge! Do you have an inquiry or a request, or do you need some advice? Write to us and we will contact you. Source.

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