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Covering high school sports to the satisfaction of the local community is one of those Catch 22 challenges of a sports section. No one is ever satisfied. Either your sports section focuses primarily on local school sports to the dismay of the average sports fan or your sports department gives most of its effort and … Continue reading High School Sports Coverage: Design Tips → Win one of five signed copies of Pariah S. Burke’s acclaimed project-based book Adobe Illustrator CS2 @work in’s weekly giveaway. Adobe Illustrator CS2 @ Work Unlike any software book you’ve ever read, Adobe Illustrator CS2 @Work by Pariah S. Burke teaches how and why to use the world’s greatest drawing program through real world … Continue reading Win Illustrator CS2 @Work → Site supported by Illinios state and powered by a passion for maps and maths has PD PDF content A section of the Airy Minimum-error Azimuthal projection graphic available at the Map Projection Gallery (courtesy Map Projection Gallery) Simple drawings of map projections can be hard to find (the finding of a Mercator display for an … Continue reading Map Projections for One and All → Richard Rutter applies the Elements to the Web, one at a time Bringhurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style (reviewed here) is a lyrical, admired reference, deservedly on many the bookshelf of typographers master as well as tyro. As anyone who designs for web versus print knows, however, web design is a bit of a minefield. … Continue reading Applying Bringhurst To The Web → Even if belated, here is an overview of the most powerful publishing package I have ever come across Adobe Creative Suite 2–it’s like the Christmas present I always wanted when I was a kid but that I would never find under the tree, the water in the hot desert the… publishing package that I have … Continue reading An Overview of the Adobe Creative Suite 2 → A very commonly used file format that can support both bitmap and vector data alike EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript. It is a popular file format which is used for printing purposes. EPS files can contain both bitmap and vector data and this makes the format a versitile one when we talk about offset output. … Continue reading The Wednesday Format: EPS → Sports design is not what it used to be. At least, it shouldn’t be. The days of game stories filling your sports section are numbered. Getting your editors to recognize this is the task at hand. Let’s take a look at game coverage to see how this plays out. There is a story that readers … Continue reading Sports Design: Leaving Game Stories Behind → The Rotate, Scale, Shear and Free Transform Tool In the tutorial InDesign’s Work Area I talked about reference points and how to change them. If you don’t know how they work, go back to that tutorial, section The Control Palette, before you proceed with this tutorial. The Rotate Tool Select the item you want to … Continue reading InDesign The Tools Palette – Part 5 → The online news realm: It’s a place of limitless space, free access and healthy competition. The newspaper: It’s physically constrained by an always too small news hole, useful for a day or week, and geographically limited. It is time for newspaper management to wake up to the fact that their online news and their print … Continue reading Melding Print and Online Coverage → Source.

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