Graphics | Illustrator | Using Transform to Create a Vector Gear in Illustrator

I've updated the video description with a link to an alternate and much easier method on how to create a gear in Illustrator. My video here is sharing how to create a gear using the transform effect. It's a great lesson on that, but is not the most effective method and I want to make that clear. Thanks for watching! I hope to be back with more videos soon! :) It's better when the video contains instruction only from beginning to end and never contains anything about the emotion, history or personal opinion of the artist. I'm here for work and growth, not relationships or caring/sharing. That being said, although I prefer instruction only because time is money, thanks for the instruction section of this. Sorry, but ever since money became more important to me than being nice or liked, life got way easier, I got richer and I'm way more happy. mine settings had to be set at -30 and -80 as well. I didnt understand why mine cogs where coming out wrong but noticed some else having the same issue and followed what they said they had to do. Great video. I haven't used Illustrator in a long time and your methods of describing things are very easy to understand. I appreciate your efforts! +swilfrog This might be 4 months too late, but what I think you're bumping into is that you're inputting -30 INCHES instead of pixels :) Hopefully that helps For the Angle, put it as 324 degrees. It might look a little bit different but it at least gets you somewhat the right form! Trap Ueberschall presents Trap! Load up your DAWs with the ultimate sound material that makes everyone start to twerk! Download the fun and educational Candy Car Wash game for kids FREE: Apple iOS: ... Nektra's OEAPI OEAPI Overview Outlook Express & Windows Mail Addons development API Outlook Express ... Master Foreign exchange Trading - How you can Master Forex Trading Online eToro Foreign exchange ... Here is a quick and easy way to create more storage space for whatever you want. I choose t store some of my emergency preparedness supplies this way. Stef's Video - Giveaway Video - Giveaway Rules: 1. Must subscribed to eleventhgorgeous ... Facebook (em Português): Jogos gratuitos do TuTiTu: Folhas de colorir GRATUITAS ... Source.

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