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Michael Miller tells you what you need to do to prepare for the digital TV switch — and keep watching your favorite television programs. Learn how to work with vector images, the Selection tool, the Magic Wand tool, and many other helpful hints when it comes to working with Objects in Illustrator. Optimize Photoshop by learning to use Preferences, which will not only make your work environment more comfortable, but also make Photoshop run up to 20% faster. Michael Miller shows how to make better-looking, better-performing YouTube videos and drive customers to your accompanying website. Jim Cheshire discusses publishing your content to your web site using Expression Web 2, including server options, troubleshooting, and hosting your own web site. After you have Photoshop Elements create a catalog, you can start to use the Organizer to manage, search, and fix photos and other media files. Ryan Faas separates the wheat from the chaff for you with his list of the 10 most powerful web applications for iPhone owners. David Chisnall looks at the current format war in the video market and tries to work out which will win — and whether anyone will care. Source.

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