Graphics Services: Poster Guidelines | Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center at The Ohio State University

BPRC provides large-format poster printing services in Scott Hall, Room 119. In general, our poster printing service is limited to faculty, staff and students associated with Byrd Polar, the Department of Geography and the School of Earth Sciences, although we do make exceptions for those from other OSU units. All others must contact us first to verify that printing can be scheduled and billed. We use an HP Designjet T2300 inkjet plotter printer to make prints. This printer has a limit of 36' width, which means your poster must fit in this space either vertically or horizontally. There is no length limit, so your poster can be any length in the other direction. Because these prints require time to format, verify, print, and dry, lead time and prior notification is required before any posters can be printed. Please read the below information before submitting posters to be printed. You must contact us in advance to schedule poster printing. We accept payment via an OSU Account (Grant money, project funds), e-Requests (inter-departmental transfers), and cash. All poster prints for the Department of Geography require an approved eRequest to be sent to BPRC before the poster can be printed. Customers from other departments should contact their fiscal manager for more information on making an e-Request. Most file formats are supported. The most popular are PowerPoint (.PPT), Illustrator (.AI), and CorelDRAW (.CDR). We can also print graphics in JPEG, PNG, RAW, and many other formats. Please do not E-mail poster files unless the file size is under 10 MB. It is more efficient and safer to upload the file to BuckeyeBox, or drop it off along with any other required files on a USB stick. Source.

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