On this page you find latest development news concerning GRASS GIS 5. You can find descriptions about new features from version upgrades. Many thanks to all contributors! Floating point raster maps and G3D raster volume maps in zlib/FLATE compression now due to patent restrictions (all floating point raster maps and G3D volumes have to be converted - see announcement) Fixed severe installation bug: The binaries are build within the sources now using 'make', later 'make install' copies them to their final destination (Justin Hickey). From now onwards a bug report formula is provided. If you find a bug in this GRASS 5 release (beta5), please let us know. We try to fix the bugs quickly. Go here for bug report: ITC-irst (Trento, Italy), PhyGeo at University of Hannover, Germany, CAGSR at Baylor University, GMSlabs at University of Illinois and worldwide contributors. © 1999-2002 Source.

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Last Modified: April 18, 2016 @ 3:11 pm