v.edit supports only 'simple' vector features: points, centroids, lines and boundaries. Currently, only 2D vector features (except of tool zbulk) are supported. Provides editing features' geometry. Attribute data connected to the vector map are not modified at all. Vector features can be selected either by internal id, category number cats, coordinates coords, bounding box bbox, polygon, where statement (attribute data) or by query. Selecting features by coordinates is affected by the current 2D resolution or by the threshold distance given by threshold. The options are orthogonal, i.e. can be used in various combinations. For example: Main index | Vector index | Source code | Topics index | Keywords index | Graphical index | Full index Vector features can have category values in different layers. This number determines which layer to use. When used with direct OGR access this is the layer name. create, add, delete, copy, move, flip, catadd, catdel, merge, break, snap, connect, chtype, vertexadd, vertexdel, vertexmove, areadel, zbulk, select supports only 'simple' vector features: points, centroids, lines and boundaries. Currently, only 2D vector features (except of tool v.edit map=roads tool=select coord=599505,4921010,603389.0625,4918292.1875 threshold=10000 where='label='interstate'' selects all features (and prints their id's to standard output) covered by two bounding boxes (center at 599505,4921010 and 603389.0625,4918292.1875, size 2*10000) with attribute - Merge (at least two) selected vector lines or boundaries. The geometry of the merged vector lines can be changed. If the second line from two selected lines is in opposite direction to the first, it will be flipped. See also module - Connect selected lines or boundaries, the first given line is connected to the second one. The second line is broken if necessary. The lines are connected only if distance between them is not greater than snapping threshold distance - Change feature type of selected geometry objects. Points are converted to centroids, centroids to points, lines to boundaries and boundaries to lines. option. If -1 is given only first found line or boundary in bounding box is modified. Moved vertex can be snapped (defined - Assign z coordinate to 3D vector lines in given bounding box. The first found line will get z coordinate based on value given by echo 'P 1 1 640794 214874 1 1' | v.edit -n tool=add map=vectmap input=- # insert new row for each category in attribute table if doesn't exist yet v.to.db map=vectmap option=cat Remove features with category 1 or 2 located on coordinates 600952.625,4926107 (bounding box based on the current 2D resolution): Remove all features with category 1 and 2 covered by two bounding boxes (center coordinates 592542.892,4924766.996 and 603389.062,4918292.187, size 1000 map units): Move all features with category 1 1000 map units to the west and 1000 map units to the south. Moved features snap to nodes in threshold distance 10 map units: Move all features defined by bounding box 601530,4921560,602520,4922310 (W,S,E,N) 1000 map units to the east and 1000 map units to the north: v.edit tool=catadd map=roads polygon=599877.75,4925088.375,597164.812,4922524.5,601338.562,4920914.625 layer=2 cat=1,3-5 d.erase, d.vect roads, d.vect -i map=roads cats=`v.edit map=roads tool=select coord=592542.89243878,4924766.99622811,603389.0625,4918292.1875 threshold=1000 --q` col=red All lines which intersect with the line given by coordinates will be modified. First found line will get height 1000 map units, height of other selected lines will be increased by 10 map units. Source.

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