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Geophysical Inversion Modelling Geoscience Information ManagementGravity and Magnetic Modelling Geoscience and GIS 3D Visualization of Mineral Projects Mineral Exploration Targeting UXO Detection GM-SYS provides a complete solution for gravity and magnetic modelling, and the creation of integrated interpretations with seismic, well and structural data. As an extension of the Oasis montaj platform, it leverages Geosoft's core mapping and processing capabilities for multifaceted analysis of geophysics and geology, enabling interpretation teams to quickly and effectively collaborate, iterate and solve large data challenges. GM-SYS Profile Modelling is an intuitive and feature-rich 2D modelling workflow. Explorers can create a geologic model of the subsurface and compare the model’s gravity and magnetic response to observed gravity and magnetic measurements. Intermediate and Advanced options provide greater flexibility of model geometry, speed the data model process, and further constrain modelling variables. Learn more >, GM-SYS 3D is an interactive 3D gravity and magnetic modelling workflow for surface-oriented models. With GM-SYS 3D, explorers can build layered 3D models that accurately depict the variation and irregularity of subsurface structures and calculate the models’ gravity and magnetic responses. Wells, seismic sections or volumes, and other information can be added for more insightful 3D model visualizations. Learn more >, VALEM is an inversion modelling service, offered as an integral part of the GM-SYS 3D workflow, that resolves the base of salt from gravity data bound by the constraints of seismic modelling. It leverages a unique hybrid approach that incorporates grids, geosurfaces, and 3D voxels to produce a more accurate representation of salt geometry and sub-salt density distributions versus traditional modelling methods. VALEM harnesses the power of Geosoft’s advanced 3D inversion technology deployed in a high performance computing (HPC) cloud. GM-SYS Modelling is available in several configurations: GM-SYS Profile (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) and GM-SYS 3D. Fully integrated with the Oasis montaj platform, GM-SYS leverages Geosoft's wide range of capabilities for gravity and magnetic data processing, mapping, modelling and interpretation. VALEM is an on-demand 3D inversion service available as an add-on to GM-SYS 3D. VALEM harnesses the power of Geosoft’s advanced 3D inversion technology in a high performance computing (HPC) cloud. View the feature summary below to determine which modelling capabilities fit best with your project needs. Windows 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit) Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit) Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit and 64-bit) - Recommended, minimum requirement. Internet Connection: To use VALEM, we recommend a medium to high-speed internet connection (512Kbps upload and 1Mbps download or higher). The faster your internet connection, the faster you will be able to upload your modelling information to the VALEM cloud servers and download your results. Internet Browser: To use the internet capabilities in Oasis montaj or Target, you will need to install Internet Explorer 8.0 or later. This does not mean that you have to have Internet Explorer as your default browser, Oasis montaj and Target just use the internet connection technology supplied in IE8. For information on requirements for previous versions and operating systems, see the system requirements page Source.

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