Guide : Mypaint 1.1 new features – David Revoy

Freehand mode + press then release shiftA shortcut to do a straight lines , but constrained to every 15°, good if you need to draw square , rectangle ( framing thumbnails, drawing comics frame, or drawing the an horizontal horizon line on a perspective drawing. ) One of the revolution in the precedent release were the addition of 4 layer blending modes. Now, the number of them grew to 16 and are compatible with Krita ( for Gimp, still take care of two particularity : they have a 'color' mode incompatible with Mypaint and Krita, and also have a 'overlay' mode broken , a duplicate of the 'soft light' , probably solved in series post 2.8 ). For Krita user, the Mypaint color blending equivalent mode can be found on Krita under the HSY >, Color. Brush blending modes where each dabs strokes affect the color bellow is a different feature than layer blending mode. Mainly because you can save the effect into a preset, and because the effect can get stronger as they are pilling on the canvas. Multiply blending mode for glazing will surely be on the way to the next releases , and I guess the 'layer>,convert to normal' feature is already a first stone to allow painting with Brush blending modes even on a transparent layer. I'm a French CG artist, author of the open webcomic Pepper&Carrot. I'm a supporter of the open-source movement and share free brushes, tutorials and making-of on my blog. You can support my work on Patreon. All artwork are copyrighted by David Revoy unless otherwise noted. Contact me for more infos if you want to use them. Source.

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