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The IAN symbol libraries contain over 1500 custom-made vector symbols (in 32 categories) designed specifically for enhancing science communication skills. The libraries are designed primarily for use with Adobe Illustrator (requires version 10 or better), however we also offer eps and svg versions for non-Illustrator users. The CDSS is an ongoing Decision Support Tool designed to identify priorities in conservation action and assist with strategy development. There are three components that make up the CDSS. This online vector editor has direct access to the IAN symbols, allowing you to create conceptual diagrams in your browser for free without the need for specialized vector software. AguaAndes/Waterworld is a web based policy support system (PSS) based on the FIESTA hydrological model (Mulligan and Burke 2005, Mulligan et al., 2010, Bruijnzeel, Mulligan and Scatena 2011) and previous policy support systems including DESURVEY PSS). Co$ting Nature is a web based tool for analysing the ecosystem services provided by natural environments, identifying the beneficiaries of these services and assessing the impacts of human interventions. Dyna-Plan is a landscape-level ecosystem model. It is capable of simulating forest ecosystem dynamics while also optimizing forest management. These include policies related to harvest flows, percent of harvested area, and logging impact distribution on the land. New Add-in for ArcGIS call SimCLIM for ArcGIS - Climate. With six SRES scenarios and 21 GCM patterns to choose from, the flexibility for climate modeling is enormous. User submitted content on the EBM Tools Database is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License v3. All other content is © 2011 EBM Tools Network Contact Us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy Source.

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