Do you have tons of hand-drawn sketches lying around that you wish you could digitize but don't know how? This instructable will get you started. In this instructable, ... Before you get started you will need a hand-drawn illustration that will fit on your scanner bed. Here are a couple cool places to check out hand-drawn illustrations: ... Before you begin: Make sure to install the software necessary for your scanner. Some scanner software lets you designate Photoshop as the external editor or viewer for an ... There are two different ways to go about tracing your hand-drawn illustrations: using 'Live Trace' and using the 'Pen Tool'. Live Trace is the newer option to Illustrator ... There are several things you can do to make sure that your Live Trace comes out accurately (if that's the intention). The Live Trace function is found under ... When you need more control or don't want deal with Live Trace, you can use the Pen tool. The Pen tool is found under the Magic Wand tool ... WACOM site In this step, we'll go over tips and tricks for using a Wacom tablet to help you with digitizing your sketch. If you are already adept ... You can do a lot with your digitized sketches. They can be incorporated into a logo, website, or silkscreen T-shirt. See the picture to checkout how we silkscreened ... Great and very detailed tutorial, but if if you don't have time to redraw sketches, send photo of your image to online vectorization service - Source.

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