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All the information you need on plant viruses in a single volume The Handbook of Plant Virology is a comprehensive guide to the terms and expressions commonly used in the study of plant virology, complete with descriptions of plant virus families down to the generic level. Rather than simply listing terms in alphabetical order, this unique book links each term to related terms within a theme and adds commentary from authors whose specific expertise adds additional dimensions to the topics. The result is an invaluable resource for research workers, educators, and students working in plant virology and pathology, crop protection, molecular biology, and plant breeding. The Handbook of Plant Virology provides enough details and background in the discussion of each topic to present a clear and thorough understanding of terms without the lengthy analysis found in most textbooks. The book's first section covers: * the mechanics of virus classification * internal and external symptoms (with color illustrations) * isolation and purification * genome packaging * replication and gene expression * detection and identification * various methods of virus transmission * serology * forecasting disease development * recombination * control strategies * economic importance * and much moreThe second section of The Handbook of Plant Virology is devoted to concise descriptions of the 81 genera and 18 families of plant viruses, including: * positive-sense, single-stranded RNA viruses, such as Potyviridae, Sequiviridae, and Comoviridae * double-stranded RNA viruses, such as Reoviridae and Partitiviridae * negative-sense, single-stranded RNA viruses, such as Rhabdoviridae and Bunyaviridae * single-stranded DNA viruses, such as Geminiviridae, Pseudoviridae, MetaviridaeThe Handbook of Plant Virology also includes photos, illustrations, figures, diagrams, and brief, but detailed, bibliographies. The book's concise mix of information on currently assigned taxonomic families and the genera of plant viruses make it an essential reference tool for practitioners, researchers, educators, and students. Source.

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