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I have been using python to process huge arrays stored as netcdf files. I would like to calculate the mean of an area defined by a shapefile. I have just installed GDAL but if there are other tools I ... I am a student and initiating a thesis project for MS specialize degree in geophysics. I am working on tectono - stratigraphy of some area and want to do the 3D subsurface modelling of the same area ... Suppose I have a set of coordinates in latitude and longitude. What would be the easiest way to export those to an SVG file? I'd rather do this programatically (any language or library will do) ... I am working on a project where I have to allow users to find things that are near by. In the past I have just manually stored lat/longs and done my own calculations but I'm curious if it's worth ... OK - I understand that this is a bit subjective - but you're the best community forum I've got! So, we are talking about starting a fresh customisation for ArcGIS or a Windows app using Engine. I ... I've written a script which produces a polygon shapefile of the extents of all the thousands of rasters in our library. I want to organise the FID so that the files with the largest extents are on the ... I'm working on ArcGIS 9.3.1. I have a shapefile with a string field containing point names like these: 10 12 12/13 t/9 6577y 1234 12t9 124y67 u9 and so on (and yes, I know it looks like a colossal ... In my practice I use a lot WMS and WFS in Geoserver. I have not found a document describing the concept of a bounding box(bbox). ArcGIS has map extent properties to identify map boundary. Google ... I am trying to make a non geographic table available to a map service. I thought you simply added the table to the MXD and publish it with a relate to the field they were linked and then publish the ... I have two layers in ArcGIS: One is a vector point and the other is a raster layer. I want to append the value of the raster data grid to the vector point. The problem is the vector point is away from ... I have a network data set for footpaths which I have generated through the collation of path networks from a variety of sources. I want to compare this with another dataset which also contains a path ... I would like to be able to compare features in Layer 1 (source) to features in Layer 2 (updates to source) in order to see if any of the features geometry and/or attributes have changed. I would also ... Looking for a Java based (foss4g) solution for the following: I am using a path along with a buffer to find features that are along the path. For each of the features returned I want to find the ... Im doing some mapping for OSM in my region and I am curious if the precision of tracks from a GPS Receiver can be improved if they are post processed with RINEX data. The tracking is done with a ... I'm working on Mapserver to do beautiful maps with AGG rendering Until now, I've only thought about the best way to get color maps. Now, I have to think how to make color ones compatible with a grey ... Source.

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