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I'm new in SQL Server 2008 and I hope you will understand my question/need. Thus, I have a table which contains 3 fields (Name, Lat and Long) in my data base (spatial). I want to create a ... I have a spatial table in a postgres/postgis database. Every row in it represents a Polygon. It is of following form: +----+--------+ |gid | way | +----+--------+ |241 | 01030..| The geometric ... Is it possible, to correct a raster DEM by changeing the raster-cell-values manually, like by 'painting'? My DEM (ASTER) have one small error where the elevation is about 300m below the actual ... I have two layers. A polygon-shape-layer with many tiles and a raster-layer containing CORINE 2006 land cover with many categories in a colourmap. I want to obtain for each polygon in the shapelayer a ... I am running QGIS 1.7.0 on Mac OS X 10.6.8. When creating a polygon, how do I do it so that the lines are straight (90, 0 degrees, etc.) and when I create corners they can be right angles? For ... I may receive maps from any source for my project, and for the C++ algorithm I'm making, it's imperative for the algorithm to know where road junctions (nodes where more than two road segments meet) ... I have been a GIS Analyst for over 10 years and am currently studying java (50% through the course). My plan is to develop GIS applications mainly focused towards open source solutions. I would like ... I was asked recently by some students what types of operations GIS Analyst/Developer are usually trying to automate by using Python with geoprocessing in ArcGIS and ArcPy site package. I guess it ... I am working with an add-in of ArcMap in c#. From c# code, i have executed some python scripts. Now, to run those script, I have hard-coded python path. But this is not portable. So, I want to get the ... Besides Zillow's creative-commons licensed neighborhood boundaries shapefiles, what sources of neighborhood boundaries are there? Not just in the US, but all over the world. Free/open source is ... What are the pros/cons for storing storing spatial data in Google Fusion Tables versus Amazon Web Services? Factors would include: Cost, performance, ease of update. I need to clip a large and very detailed .shp file in QGIS showing environmental data similar to a temperature map. Is there something like the very simple crop tool alike in photoshop where you can ... Im currently using default simple symbol capabilities or dingbat fonts for point objects. Is there maybe a SVG symbol library for qgis that is a bit more extensive than that which is included? I've ... I have a raster dataset in ASCII format. Using Python, I need to determine the min and max values inside the dataset. I've been told that the header information is key, which contains things like ... I'd like to do a GeoJSON dump of a PostGIS table, but I want to export features (the geometry and the properties) not just the geometry. I've been digging into the ST_AsGeoJSON function but it looks ... Source.

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