Geographic information systems (GIS) are those that capture, store, analyze, and manage a host of different geographic or spatial information sets. It is a general term that refers to a number of different technologies as well as processes and methods. They are used across a number of industries, including engineering, telecommunications, and insurance, particularly when location intelligence applications are being used or location-enabled services are required. Such programs are even used by public health and crime studies, as well as for landscape architecture and archaeology programs. Whenever a more comprehensive understanding of the geographic features is needed, a GIS program is required. One of the most popular is the ArcGIS program and its various facets. ArcGIS is a geographic information system used for working with geographic information as well as maps. It is the software that allows for the creation of maps as well as map utilization, compilation of geographic data, and discovery of information from them. The software is also used for the managing of geographic information held in a database. When a business chooses to hire ArcGIS specialists on Upwork, they’re engaging with someone who can manage all the different aspects of the software. This includes the ArcReader, which lets the user view and query maps that have been created with other elements of the software. These specialists are typically fluent in the use of ArcGIS for desktop, currently available in three different levels. The levels available allow businesses to create maps and geographic information in different ways, depending on their needs. Source.

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