How 2 view corel cdr files on vb form – Visual Basic Programming –

I want to preview cdr i.e. Corel Draw files, say in a image box, in my application. How can go about this. Is it possible even. I've seen an application, xnView, which open those files also but i cannot use that in my application. Please help, I might end up creating the best of the decorated projects usin Corel created files. When a user clicks on command button in VB, it should display 'Course.html' ( which already created in HTML) file within that VB form. Am new to vb programming, is it possible to put a PNG file in the vb form in the picture properties? What I want to do is put a PNG file in the properties of a form which is picture. How can I make this possible coz when I try to put a PNG file on the form properties is that it does not accepts a PNG file. Is there any other way around to put a PNG file in a vb form? I need to load all the values of the attributes src in a dictionary, I know how to do it in classic ASP, but I have never done before in VB .NET.... I tried this code but it's not working : Somebidy has some idea how to parse a XML file in VB .NET.... I coudn,t find any solution I think my questin should be very elementar for a senior VB .NET developer.... Can you help me please? I've tried picture control. But if I put text on it, it turned out to be bad quality! Is there any API or activeX I should use? I also tried using gdiplus.dll to load this corupted picture using GdipLoadImageFromFile() which returns <,>, 0 if the image is damage, but after a while the program start locked up and showing Fatal Error that can't be possible to debug it with VB. I'm making a program to generate thumbnails and I have found bunch of corupted files. I wish there is a way to validate image file before feeding to the loadPicture() function. I am using VB code to add data into Excel sheet, after finishing I save and want to display excel file(on a form in my program or anything but we can control other it is close to do the next thing in code) to help user edit and print it out. Please show me how to do. How do I change the value on the form. After you install the textbox on the form and bind the DataSet data into the combobox. SaveButton I want to be active when the user data. I can not SaveButton active. I tried doing it with the help of Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Browser control Type Library dll, it works fine until the form/project is closed. When i reopen the project it gives me an error 'Error during load refer the log file' Are there any simple tables I can use on VB-Forms (not the flex grid). The element It should allow several cols and rows. Can someone tell me how to draw a line in a VB form that seperates different sections. (similar to disabled grey line that can be used in Menu editor). I hope I got it accross... My forminterface contain many text fields and buttons and it has covered all area of the form. i want to put a SCROLL BAR ON THE FORM so that user can access all fields. VS 2005 [RESOLVED] How would I get a HTML file to load on a form'>,' />, VS 2005 [RESOLVED] How would I get a HTML file to load on a form VS 2005 [RESOLVED] How would I get a HTML file to load on a form' target='_blank' id='viewanswer' rel='nofollow'>,View Answers I am trying to program my application in VB.Net so that when a user goes to my 'FTP Out' page, the page straight away loads with a list of the files that are on my FTP site. I know I will have to get a connection going with my FTP site but how do I actually go about getting the list of details to show on my form? I have a .KML file that has some gps points in it.I want to load that .KML file in to a web browser in VB 2008 so I can view the gps points in VB form. Source.

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