How can I convert a PDF to an editable Visio file? – Super User

I have old PDF document (image of a map), and I want to import it into Visio to edit/update it. What is the basic workflow to follow. Attached is sample PDF. Is there a way to trace the lines/shapes automatically and make them editable Visio files? I have the ability to convert PDF to any file. Update: Understood. The end product is that I am trying to create the Map that is originally in the format of .CRW (Corel Draw) as seen above and create the end product like this map. . The new map used visio to create - just trying to find out workflow how to get from the first crappy map to the version that is cleaned in visio - oh yea there are over 200 maps so trying to figure a streamlined process Visio can't work directly with PDF files. Either get a PDF file editor, or convert the PDF into DXF format (there are free converters available for that job), then import the DXF file into Visio. Your drawing looks like a scanned picture actually (bitmap). It's not important if it is wrapped in PDF or whatever, the important part is that it is 'just' a picture. First you'll probably need to vectorize it (so that it contains 'shapes'). That is, Visio is a pure vector-graphic drawing tool. It does not have vectorization capabilities (conversion from a picture to vector graphics). You may need to use some other tool, and then convert whatever you get from that tool to Visio. You could try inkscape for example (it has 'vectorization' function), or some professional tool / online service for that. The best could be if you can get the 'source' of the picture you have in PDF in some vector format (SVG for example). In my opinion, what you are trying to do is next to impossible. it could be easier just to draw the map from scratch. Source.

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