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You can export graphics from Geneious using File→Save As Image File.... If you are exporting the file in .jpg or .png format the default resolution is quite low, so you should increase this to about 400% to make the image look good when printed. JPG and PNG images are made up of dots so don’t scale well. For scaleable graphics, PDF or EPS are good choices. SVG is also scaleable and has the ability to be edited in tools such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. EMF (Geneious 6.0+) can be edited on Windows using PowerPoint, or LibreOffice Draw on Mac or Linux (the Mac version of PowerPoint can’t modify EMF files). Using SVG or EMF will allow users to tweak the graphic, and add annotations and still have the image scale nicely because it is a vector graphic. Running Geneious 7.0.4 and this is NOT an option under the File menu. There is only 'Save' and 'Save As' There is not a button that says 'Save As Image File...' What OS are you using? On Windows in 7.0.4, 'Save As Image File...' appears towards the bottom of the File menu between Print and Exit. While trying to save my images in pdf format, the colors are not faithfully exported and I get washed out colors. This is with version 5.6.7 on both windows 7/8 and MAC OSX. When I try saving in eps format, the image gets a dark black line, which blocks the view of the image. Any suggestions. I don't want to use jpg or png because of poor resolution. This issue regarding exporting images to PDF files has been fixed in Geneious R7. You will either need to upgrade to Geneious R7 or export the files from 5.6 using a different image format. I'm not aware of any issues with exporting EPS files from Geneious and have been unable to replicate this. Can you please submit a support request so that one of our support staff can take a closer look. In this request, can you include the sequence you are trying to export as a .geneious file, the EPS image you have exported from Geneious and a screenshot of the settings you used in 'Save as image file' as attachments to this support request. You can wrap alignments by going to the Advanced settings in the sequence viewer (click the settings cog, 7th tab down to the right of the sequence viewer), and checking 'Wrap Alignment'. You may need to zoom in or out, or adjust the size of your window to change the number of bases displayed on each line. I'm having issues with the scale changing, when exporting images of the graphs of an alignment. Comparing three biological replicates, the width of the exported graph is different between them. The width of the entire image is the same, but there are different amounts of white space on the right side. (see attached) I have tried trimming the reads that are extending beyond the reference sequence, since they vary a little in length. So perhaps Geneious is remembering the width from the pre-trimmed alignment? The shifts in scale I'm getting seem larger than that however. Is there a way to set the scale at a fixed width per base?We're on version 6.1.7 Hi Jonathan, could you submit a support request about this using the 'Submit a Request' form on the Geneious support homepage, and attach an example (in .geneious format) of 2 alignments where you have this issue? When compared to Vector NTI the lack of a 'camera' to copy the image of a plasmid etc or to be able to easily export the image you are looking at is a major drawback of Geneious. (I am using version 8). The Save as Image file function under the File menu does this. It will export an image of whatever is in your sequence viewer. A number of different export formats are available, including png, jpg, pdf, svg, eps, and some of these can be opened for editing in other programs if required, as described in the post above. For exemple, if I want to save a wrap alignment of 10kb per line as image file, how should I proceed ? It is not possible to specify precisely the character length per line using 'Save as Image File' in Geneious. You will need to set the zoom level to display something close to 10,000 bp. Source.

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