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I like a lot this type of map representation (see attached example), which is not so commonly used. I think it its a nice simple technique with a huge effect. So my specific questions are: (1.) How do you find the aedequate map projection to get the dimensional effect? I mean not only for the world map, but in general, to create such a visualization for any given spatial context. (2.) Any ideas how to create the shadows for the bars? I am using ArcGIS. Or which mapping softwares have implemented such functions? I strongly believe that the map you've shown is a product not of a mapping software but of a graphics software. I am using CorelDraw, tilting a rectangular image object so that it looks like in your example is no problem. I do not know a solution for the shadows spontaneously, but I shouldn't be a big problem either. This can usually be covered under the term 'infographics'. You can do that in data visualization softwares such as ParaView, VisIt, or BeGraphic Lite. These are open source and there are many commercial apps available. The latter one is an MSExcel and MSPowerPoint add-in. Yes, the workaround solution using graphics software also came to my mind, but this would be too tedious if you intend to produce a series of maps. Imagine the map info more comlex than this example. The suggested visualization softwares are very interesting, I'll definitely give them a try, but still you'll have to handle data and layout information between softwares, which is never easy or quick. So, I am still looking for a solution to do this kind of map in GIS. It should be possible, because there are no elements, which a GIS could not handle. It is basically the logic behind changing the map projection that I am missing, the rest is just basic visualisation tricks. Looking forward for more ideas! I think, this map has 3D symbolgy and dont use any 3D map. you must use 3D symbology for presenting percentage of each attribute. and you can make n numnber of charts simultaneously along with world map like those squares and scale on left. Good point is you can not only control size by value in cell but also color and borders. I have Arcgis9.1 and 10, so can you teach me how to create which about you attach one map, its most helpful for my GIS Future.!!!!! for the extrusion of the 2D view in 3D things you can explore ArcScene in which there is option of extruding the surface features. Source.

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