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How do i rotate is one of the most frequently asked questions for beginner Inkscape users. There are multiple ways to rotate in inkscape, and this FAQ will show you the basics for four of them. The three different ways for rotating objects are: the toolbar buttons, the on-canvas rotation handles, transform dialog, and the keyboard shortcuts. This method is super simple. Select the object(s) that you wish to rotate, and press the square brackets key( [ or ] ) to rotate left and right by chunks. For finer-grained rotation with the keyboard shortcuts, use the shortcuts alt + [ and alt + ] to rotate one degree at a time. The four methods above outline the basics of rotating objects in inkscape. For further information about rotating and transforming objects in Inkscape the “Select Tool” chapter of the Inkscape Manual has more detailed information, including how to change the rotation point or rotation center of your object. The transforms chapter of Tav’s Inkscape Guide also provides some in-depth documentation of rotating in Inkscape. Would it be possible to control the rotation with keyboard keys? I think it would be more accurate than the mouse when I need to rotate the object for just 1 or 0.5 degree. Good point Sebastian! I have updated the post with details on Rotating Objects with keyboard shortcuts. If you ever need a list of the keyboard shortcuts for inkscape this page is the canonical source: Another interesting tutorial! I’d tell a little about the change of the rotation center in method 2 by dragging the cross. It is simple and could be useful – perhaps combined with the snap tools – to realize compositions with multiple copies of an object. That was a perfect explanation, thank you. Rotating in Inkscape is easy, but not obvious to a beginner, or someone like me with Illustrator ingrained in the mind. How do i undo a rotation of an object, i.e. set the angle to 0? Or even more general, how do i set the rotation anlge to a specific value? Many ways to rotate, but none of them is really useful if you want to work preceisely. Is there any way to create a macro that will will rotate the image for you in the direction desired by a specified amount and save the result as a .png with sequential names? Then repeat until the image is back at the starting position? It’s Simple to Make Mistakes, But These Blunders are not EasilyForgiven. Because of recent changes which have been made by Google and its competitors, particular things can cause your site to be penalized or removed from the search engine listings fully. For instance,assembling the wrong backlinks or using keywords too many times won’t be met positively. Not only will you not be ableto rate your site in this manner , but it could take an entire year or more before Google will contemplate re-indexing your web site. This could cause a lot more harm than good, but it’s surprisingly easy to make these mistakes if you do not know much about SEO. Those who run professional SEO businesses and offer professional SEO services understand which measures not to take, nevertheless, so you will not need to worry nearly as much about these penalties if you leave the job up to someone who does it for a living. Surgeons do everything that a physiucian does, plus surgery. Thhe pharmacist’s job ranks promnently among toop health care jobs that ddo noot require a medical degree. Not too imply that practitioners cannot get some things wrong, rather tjey ccould work on making tthe whole experience memorable. Inkscape is GREAT. Thank You for making it available. I have only one problem with Inkscape, and this is rotating. For example, if you rotate a square, it becomes a rectangle. Or something between square and rectangle. This is a huge problem when I make a map of military battle. Troops in square formation while making turn to the right (or left) become troops in rectangle formation , which is historically wrong Source.

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