How Mobile Is Transforming Air Cargo Customer Experience

Ensure that you account for every cent, deliver accurate interline billing, and comply with industry mandates. Streamline air cargo processes and increase efficiency to maximize yield and protect your bottom line. Streamline reservations, ticketing, check-in, and mobile services to dramatically improve business performance. Enhance customer experience with a single source for the creation and modification of airline reservations. Convert vital information to maximize performance, boost service quality, and optimize asset utilization. Manage the storing, retrieving and locating of shipments and storage units to improve supply chain management. Enhance customer service delivery through every business unit and achieve visibility across all channels. Extend the value of your customer loyalty program by providing anytime, anywhere access to your services and benefits. Implement software projects the right way, with minimal downtime and a focus on your long-term goals. Customer expectations, and mobile technologies, are evolving rapidly and impacting the way in which cargo carriers deliver services and interact with their customers. Learn more about why mobile should become a core part of your strategy to transform customer experience. Source.

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Last Modified: February 26, 2015 @ 12:00 am