How to bring GPS data into ArcGIS, MS Excel, and databases – Karl Hennermann

So you have collected your sample site locations with a Garmin GPS 60 and now you want to process them in ArcGIS or MS Excel? To convert the data from the GPS unit to ArcGIS we recommend the “DNR Garmin” converter. On University PCs it is already installed. For your own PC, download it from Installation instructions are provided on the website. Start the application you want to use the data with (ArcMap, MS Excel, MS Access, etc.) and load the file. If you want to overlay your data in ArcMap with data that uses a different datum, like UK Ordnance Survey data, follow these steps: The output file contains coordinates in British National Grid, referring to to the BNG’s underlying datum OSGB 1936. It will overlay correctly with UK Ordnance Survey data that uses the same datum. Very technical note: the DNRGarmin software also allows you to download the data in a projected coordinate system, saving you the ArcGIS projection steps. However, the DNRGarmin software by default uses a geographic transformation for WGS84 >, BNG that is different from the ones used by the OS. Therefore data downloaded as ‘projected’ will not overlay correctly with OS data. thanks, is there a ‘live’ way to do this? ie collecting data in an access database and want to collect the Lat/Long for a current position. I am not aware of a solution that would write live into an access database. You probably could build something using ArcGIS Tracking Analyst (, but that seems to be overkill for such a simple task. Source.

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Last Modified: April 23, 2016 @ 10:04 am