How to change shapefile longitude from -180180 to 0360 –

I have a shapefile of world countries, with longitude between -180° and 180°. How can I change the shapefile (eg. with ogr2ogr) for having longitude between 0 and 360°. Following OSGEO/Trac explanation about GenParms, I tried this without success (the result is still in -180 - 180: ogr2ogr -wrapdateline -t_srs '+proj=latlong +datum=WGS84 +lon_wrap=-180 +over' /data/tmp/new_algo/world_new.shp /data/tmp/new_algo/world.shp Both commands produce a longitude offset of 180°, i.e. a prime meridian of -180° is considered. In fact: The difference between the two commands is that with a longitude offset (2nd try) data are simply reprojected using -180° as prime meridian, while shifting the coordinates geometries (1st try) are altered, even if the result is apparently the same. EDITIf there are parts in 0-180 that should not move, it's possible to adapt this working solution: Finally, dissolve countries boundaries of world_0_360_raw.shp obtaining world_0_360.shp by country names. For instance: QGIS display world country shape files centered on pacific ocean using Robinson, Miller Cylindrical or other projection Source.

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