How to convert a PDF to DWG format with Adobe Illustrator | Gould Design, Inc.’s Blog

5. Open the file in AutoCAD. You will notice that the file is not scaled correctly. This can be fixed by dividing the correct dimension by the current dimension. 6. You can scale the drawings by selecting everything in AutoCAD and typing the SCALE command. It will ask you to specify the base point. I like to choose the bottom left corner. It will now ask you for the Scale Factor (which is 1.889658 in this case). You now have a DWG drawing of your PDF plan. Now, you can easily find the dimensions that you need, even if they are missing from your plan. I hope you found this useful! after a possible design flaw in the bridge was discovered, related to large steel sheets called gusset plates which were used to connect girders together in the truss structure. Tyler, that’s pretty cool ! When scaling the DXF/DWG, you can have CAD figure the ratio – use the ‘Reference’ within Scale command. Thanks for sharing. Source.

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Last Modified: April 23, 2016 @ 1:02 am