Purpose: A Computer Aided Design Package for producing vector graphics, although it can import raster graphic elements. Good points: One of the Industry leading packages that is cheap, comprehensive and relatively easy to learn. Available in EUCS laboratories. Bad points: Needs a fast processor and lots of RAM to perform well (48Mb barely workable, 64Mb barely sufficient, 128Mb best). The pattern fills cannot be changed on the network installation - so area fills for geological maps may be a problem. Align objects. Combine objects. Default settings for Text, Outline and Fill Properties. Draw Lines, Rectangles, Elipses and Text. Draw and Shape Curves. Duplicate objects. Edit All Text (e.g. to change Ê to °). Export to an Enhanced Windows Metafile. Grid set up. Guidelines set up. Layers and the Object Manager, use. Move and Resize objects. Patterns, creation problem Pop-up menus, use Select and Fill objects. Sort Order, change. Views, change. Zoom in and out. Draw Lines, Rectangles, Elipses and Text Draw and Shape Curves Select and Fill, objects Move and Resize, objects Sort Order, change Pop-up menus, use Zoom, in and out Views, change Layers and the Object Manager, use Source.

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