How to correctly obtain SVG path data for Kinetic JS –

I'm using kinetic-v5.0.1 to place a graphic on a page (Eventually I want to do more..) but I'm having a problem getting it to render correctly. I copied the example given at but replaced the example path data with my own. To get the path data I exported a vector graphic from AI to SVG, then opened it in Sublime and pasted the path in. Do I need to reformat the path data I got from my SVG, or do I need to export the SVG from a different application like CorelDraw/Inkscape etc.? I've tried putting spaces after the commas and changing the case of the M, C, L, Z etc. but nothing seems to work. After much debugging, I found the culprit in some code completely unrelated to D3. I am using time scale on the x axis and have a utility method that I use to pull the date from the last item of dynamic data that has been pushed to the browser. This method retrieved the date from the last item as follows: Notice that I have not defined 'item' as a var. This code works fine on FF and Chrome... but on IE, item ends up referencing a function!!! This results in being undefined. When I then try to set the range on my x axis I am specifing the following (with endTime being undefined): Source.

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Last Modified: April 25, 2016 @ 12:12 am