How to create my own printable city map from OpenStreetMap data? « Mind of Matt

These instructions are for a Linux system. I used them to create a Fuengirola Printable Streetmap that you can also download via the Documents: Main section. You want to create your own city (or map of any other area) using open data and free software. This is great because it does not cost any money except a few cents for monochrome printing on a laser printer, and once you have set up the basic system and know the process, it can also be faster than buyin a map. There are a lot of other solutions, but in my case here they all had some other shortcomings so that I went with the TileMill solution above, even though it’s far from the optimum as well. All the following solutions are referenced in the OpenStreetMap OSM on Paper wiki page, but interestingly the solution proposed here using TileMill is missing there. I used BigMap 2. It is possible to pre-select the map style and offer a tools to select the area. I printed a pdf file created using posterazor. Source.

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