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Symbol fonts (or Icon fonts) are very trendy in the web design space, because they have a lot of advantages: You’ll find a lot of great articles to explain the benefits of symbol fonts, but I’d like to explain in this video how to create a symbol font in Illustrator CC. In Illustrator CC, you can create black and white shapes and save them as SVG. Why in black and white? Don’t forget that you’re designing a font type. The web designer will be able to change the color of your symbol using the CSS style “color”. You can also easily create symbols from bitmap images. The improved “Live trace” engine of Illustrator CC analyzes a bitmap image to create a vector graphic: The web application is the best way to create custom symbol fonts. You can import your own SVG files and map them to characters, or ligatures (don’t forget to enable in the ligatures in the parameters of your fonts). Generate a font and download it. You’ll get a ZIP file that contains a demo html file, a style.css file and a font folder. In your web page, add a link to the style.css file, and use the custom CSS classes declared in the style.css file to use your symbol fonts: Hi! i just bought a basic plan in icomoon, and i already create my icons and everything but i don’t know how to insert into my Adobe Muse website proyect, could you help me? Source.

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