Maproom maps are easy to customize using vector editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and Inkscape. (See What’s in a download?) Simple changes that will give a whole different look to your map can be achieved with just a few clicks of the mouse to turn layers on and off and select alternative fill and stroke colours. Illustrator is the graphics industry standard for vector artwork. Maproom base maps are created in Illustrator, and you have the greatest range of options when editing in Illustrator. You can download a fully functioning copy of Illustrator on a FREE 30-day trial at or subscribe to Illustrator from about £18 per month on Adobe’s Creative Cloud program. Every Maproom map is supplied with an Illustrator (ai) format, and we recommend this software above all others for both easy and advanced editing. CorelDraw is an alternative to Adobe Illustrator, with many advanced features. Use our SVG format to open the file in CorelDraw. Download a no-obligation free 30-day trial at Inkscape is a free open-source vector editing program, which you can use to edit our SVG file format. You can make colour changes, add extra place names and delete unwanted elements on your map using Inkscape. Follow the download link at When you have edited your map in the vector program, you save it to PDF, JPEG, PNG or GIF if it is destined for the web, or TIF, EPS, JPEG or high-resolution PDF if it is destined for print. On the right are links to tutorials for people at different skill levels. We will add more tutorials over time. Feel free to make suggestions in the forum about what you think we should cover! If you don't have the time or inclination to customize your map, we may be able to help. Our rates are competitive and we will waive the price of the base map itself if you have already purchased one. Source.

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