How to Do a Watermark in Corel |

Watermarks identify images as your property. For example, if your business deals in commercial photography, your website may include a gallery of sample photos. Without a watermark, people may copy these photos, use them in their site or even pass them off as their own work. With the watermark, they can only view the photos and decide whether to do business with you. CorelDraw creates watermarks by placing a transparent layer of text over your base image. Edit the text's size, font and style using the text-formatting bar. Drag the text so it covers most of your image. Click the drop-down box labeled 'None' in the tool-options bar. Select 'Uniform.' The text becomes partially transparent. Ryan Menezes is a professional writer and blogger. He has a Bachelor of Science in journalism from Boston University and has written for the American Civil Liberties Union, the marketing firm InSegment and the project management service Assembla. He is also a member of Mensa and the American Parliamentary Debate Association. Source.

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