How to Draw Ribbon Banner in CorelDRAW (+ free .eps) | Anastasiia Ku

You might want to change the properties of the Extrusion, making it either hollow or convex. You can find the properities on the top docker: So, in the end you will have to get something like the following ribbon. Right click on the object, and press ‘Break Extrude Group Apart’: Select Shape Tool (F10), double click on the edge of the ribbon to create an additional node, and drag it like shown below: Select the half of the ribbon you’ve got, copy it [Ctrl+C], paste it again [Ctrl+V] and holding Ctrl drag the copy to the right. Then select two parts of the top part of the ribbon and Weld them: There probably will be too many nodes on the welded object, to delete them, select Shape Tool [F10], select the nodes you want to delete and press the ‘Delete Nodes’ button on the top docker: The ribbon is basically done. You might want to make it more real though changing the colours. To do so, select the top objects and go to Fountain Fill. Choose Linear Gradient like shown below: Now copy the whole ribbon and paste it again. Move it from the main ribbon, so you are not confused. Now it’s a bit of work to do. Select one part, copy it, paste it again, move a few steps up like shown below: You can download this fine for free (in .eps, .cdr, .ai and .svg). You can use it in your designs but cannot redistribute in any way, form or shape. Thank you Fay:) Give me the link to what sort of book you want to draw and I will consider making another tutorial for a book:) Other than that, book should be as simple as well, the same extrude principle, with a few pages one on tom of another:) Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Source.

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