How to edit a vector file from Freepik? – Freepik Support

The first and most fundamental thing to be able to edit a vectorial file is to have a vector graphics editor, such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, that will allow you to visualize and manipulate any file you download from Freepik. Every file at Freepik is organised in the same way, so that when downloading it you will find a tidied work table and be able to edit with ease. -A background layer in which we put the color or background texture and that is usually blocked so it does not cripple the edition of the main objects. To unblock it you just have to turn off the lock that is before the name of the layer. If you need to edit the color of this layer, you just have to select the background object and change the filling color. -A main layer called 'objects', where you can find the elements of the illustration. You will find these elements grouped to make their selection easier. If you want to edit or move an object in particular, you will first have to degroup using Object >, Degroup, or use the Direct Selection tool (shortcut A). From now on, if you want to be able to change a shape or edit a tracing, you will have to select its anchor points, with the direct selection tool we talked about before. Additionally, you will also be able to make an amount of transformations with the multiple tools that the vector graphic editing software gives us, such as moving, rotating, reflecting, changing scales or distorting objects. The text that you will find in any of Freepik's images will not be available as a font. If your desire is to edit the text of the image you have downloaded, you must download the font from the .txt file delivered in your downloaded .zip. This document will have a link that will redirect you to the font download. If your desire is to use a different font, you may download it from the following link: If you need more information about the transformation of objects and the tracing editing process in Illustrator, you can visit the following links: That detail to consider Inkscape is GREAT, I don't have money for an Illustrator license and I don't like piracy and I have found Inkscape an excellent vector program. Source.

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