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I've downloaded a Vector Image from ISTOCK and i should be able to edit it and change the colours but i have no idea how to do that!?! What do i need to do to the image before i am able to edit it? If the image is grouped, you need to click on the image and ungroup all the components (Ctrl+U -- fastest way), then select each colored part and change away. To change the colors, right button click on the color in question - select properties (should bring up the Object Properties screen) - click edit (should bring up the Uniform Fill screen) - go to town (you can either slide the bar around or manually select the CMYK or RGB values you want). I imported it to Corel and when i try to ungroup it, it does nothing... It wont let me select the individual sections to change the colours. when you downloaded the art from iStock, what was the file extension on it when you got it on your computer. was it a .pdf file? or a .ai file? or an .eps file? A JPEG is not a vector type file -- it is all one layer, meaning it can not be broken apart to change or modify anything. Did you purchase the image or just copy it form that page -- the copy straight from the screen is a jpeg of what the purchased image (an .EPS) would look like. erin, i looked at the site and i can't figure out what it's about. it doesn't tell the purchaser what the format is at all, it just states that the file is a vector and editable in Illustrator, Freehand and CorelDRAW. it must be an eps, yet it doesn't say that... 'Blue retro grunge background. Global Colors are used for quick and easy editing. XXL JPG.' i guess it's a big jpeg file?! the image was created using vector software. Source.

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