Using the following code I get my desired result i.e I get the polyline on my given latitude, longitude Why is this not working ,How can I make this work. If instead of openlayer I directly use Google Map API I can get the desired result. Google map uses Mercator (EPSG:900913) coordinates, but your geometry is in geographic coordinate system (EPSG:4023). As a result, that line will be extremly small dot in equator. Pay attention, that this linestring will be placed to Africa, but your map will be zoomed to India. To see that line, you have to zoom out your map from initial view. Can we get the selectedvalue back in the JSP as onChange parameter and pass it to form as a hidden variable and take it back to struts action ? I want to set the value of an input type time dynamically one by one. For example <,input type='time'/>, gives _ _ : _ _ _ _ I want to send first hours and display it in the input depending on the user input click event on another component like this. I used alert on all the values on my data and they are all correct. I also checked the url and it is correct. I wonder where did I go wrong? Can someone please help me. This is the error jquery-2.2.1.js:9175 POST http://localhost/ppmp/Home_controller/editUser 500 (Internal Server Error). I tried to open the url in the error in a new tab and yes it can be found. if anyone can help me with this it'd be great! What shape is this and do you have any ideas as to how i can achieve this shape in css? I'm doing html code in Atom IDE, but i don't get the desired result on the browser, however, when i try with the Atom's HTML preview, i can see the result i want to get. The event is correctly fired on desktop (even with smartphones resolution, so the css and the possible overlap of html elements is not a problem), but on android phones that event is not fired. I am not able to add my styled map in this example because there is a style function createMapboxStreetsV6Style() in the example which I am not able to get for my styles. I'm new to node.js and am attempting to put a simple OpenLayers map on a page. However, the map is not showing up. Safari on iOS doesn't have the fullscreen API, so that, as stated in the doc, ol.control.FullScreen is not usable. Is there a recommended workaround ? I'm too sad not being able to set my maps in fullscreen on iPads!! Source.

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