How to Transform from Pixel Coordinates (LCC Projection) to Lat/Long? –

I want to transform pixel coordinates from a vector graphic (as .svg) to long/lat values. My vector graphic represents germany and consists of multiple polygons. I've already successfully written a script which extracts all points of the polygons as absolute pixel values. I tried to draw the polygons with OpenLayers 3. This method works fairly well, as long as I do it for small areas and adjust the scale and offset manually. Unfortunately the Projection used in my svg is not the same as used in OpenLayers. I assume the vector graphic to be in Lambert Conformal Conic (LCC) projection. It would be fairly easy if I could create polygons with pixel coordinations (in OpenLayers, QGIS or similar software). But I will need a map layer in Lambert Conformal Conic projection to match the scale and offset of my points. The Google Maps / Bing Maps Spherical Mercator Projection has additional information, and as does Conversion of British National Grid (WKID:27700) to WGS84(WKID:4326) and then to Web Mercator (WKID:3857) The links will get you going, the last link has a javascript for conversion, which may, or may not suit your requirements. Edit: Doing some light reading I found this interesting Java code for WGS84 to Google map position and back and this gem Source.

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