How to turn a jpeg into an AutoCAD file?

I’m working on a Mac. I have a jpeg image of a small map, I need to redraw it with the exact same dimensions on AutoCAD. I printed it, measured it and redrew it, but there’s a considerable margin of error. So I have to somehow copy paste it in AutoCAD. Or do you guys have another idea? i tested this guide, and it works, but i am not sure how accurarately it will draw a map…mine was cartoons :) just use this software, thats all the guide says. you can also insert jpg in word file annd insert by copying and pasing, and then you will have to trace. try a bitmap to vector utility, like Corel Draw. scan the jpeg, use the bitmap/vector conversion, save to dwf, and bring to ACAD. Your simplest bet is to trace the file. Just import it to AutoCad and redraw the lines without worrying about measuerments, at first. Then, when you have the entire drawing complete, take a line or structure you know the proper dimensions (e.g. a wall you know has x meters), and then scale the whole drawing to make the sizes fit. As an alternative (as i don’t really know if you can do the following in AutoCAD), you can try setting the scale first hand, by taking a reference structure (for example, a square-shaped room), drawing its shape in the proper size. Then you can scale the jpeg to make it match your reference object. From there on, it’s a prety straight forward process of tracing the rest of the lines. As far as I know you cannot convert an JPEG image into usable AutoCAD data. You can import an place it as an image but it will neither be in scale nor usable for e.g. measuring. It will simply be an image placed within CAD. The only idea I can come up is to ask the same question in the AutoCAD Discussion Groups. It’s probably the best place to get a viable answer. Search MakeUseOf for similar questions before posting your question.The search box is in the upper right. Use clear English. We edit questions before publishing, but if we cannot understand your question, we will have to reject it. For example, it is much better to say “I want to extend my WiFi at home. How should I do that?” than “How good are WiFi repeaters?” Provide the details other people would need to answer your question. For example, saying your phone is broken is not that helpful. Saying that your Moto G phone with Android 4.4.2 shuts down every time you start Chrome gives us a lot more to go on. Provide any relevant information such as error messages, odd behavior, location (for location-specific questions), etc. If you find a solution, please mark your question as answered and leave a comment saying what worked (or didn’t work) for you. It will help others with a similar problem to find a solution when they search the site. Thanks! For tips on how to ask a question in order to get better answers faster, please read smart questions. Source.

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