I need help importing an EPS file : coreldraw

Hello guys, I'm trying to import an EPS file I exported from ArcGIS and I'm receiving an error from it. Thing is: The map was importing properly yesterday and I have no idea whatever happened since that it isn't working anymore. Some EPS are working fine, but the majority of them are giving off error messages. The EPS file is this one: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=02061949529254790994 It has been properly saved 'Convert markers to vector' marked, images properly compressed... PS language is 3. Could you please check for me if the file is opening alright? If not, any ideas of what might be the problem? THANKS in advance :D Try opening the file instead of importing it, and then try dragging and dropping the file from explorer onto the CorelDraw window. Yea that's more corel friendly. Ai is the best option as a vector exchange format if it's available, using the earliest filter version available (I think it's 3.0). It strips out all the funny effects and nonsense leaving only the basic lines, weights and colours. Source.

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